Hi,  We are glad you had a good time and thanks for letting us know what you raised.
The band certainly enjoyed [the gig] and thought the dancing was excellent - better than it often is at grown up's ceilidhs!
It is a really useful space you have there but would certainly benefit from improved access. Currently it is very difficult for anyone with mobility issues to get up the existing external staircase and there is no chance for wheelchairs.
From our own point of view as a band better access would make it much easier to get our equipment and instruments up there.
So yes, we certainly support your project to create a new entrance, staircase and lift.
These improvements would make it a valuable asset for the whole community. 

< local ceilidh band >

Please help us make
Settle Drill Hall
accessible to everyone

Our project includes:

  • A new entrance with internal stairs;

  • A lift for people with mobility issues;

  • Additional insulation and secondary glazing to keep the hall cosy;

  • Improved ventilation;

  • Low-carbon technology.

Donations of £25+ will be included in our
Roll of Thanks

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