The New Extension

The entrance is at the North end of the building on the first floor.  The stone steps up to the entrance are worn and could be hazardous when wet with rain.

The new entrance will be at the South end of the building and include a platform lift for people unable to manage the stairs.

The gateway to Castleberg Crag is to be relocated as part of the project, allowing the new entrance to be built against the South wall of the hall.

The new entrance will be set-back from the line of the existing wall.  This will enable us to have a drop-off space marked on the road along the front of the hall.

We've done a lot already

The serving hatch of the new kitchen is to the left, toilet to the right, and balcony meeting room above.

The fluorescent lights have been replaced by LED battens too, which should reduce our electricity bills.

The acoustic panels on the ceilings and walls were installed in 2019.  This has reduced the reverberations in the hall and made the space much more comfortable at times of high activity and noise.

Please help us make
Settle Drill Hall
accessible to everyone

  Our project includes:

  • A new entrance with internal stairs;

  • A lift for people with mobility issues;

  • Additional insulation and secondary glazing to keep the hall cosy;

  • Improved ventilation;

  • Low-carbon technology.

Donations of £25+ will be included in our
Roll of Thanks

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